Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Member Missionary

Life this week was good. We got an investigator who is awesome. She
understands everything we teach so clearly and already has a testimony
of it. It's ca-razy. Man if she doesn't get baptized I won't know what
to think.

We've been working on trying to get the members involved. Members are
soooo important. They read us the statistics of how many people that
we find that get baptized and of how many people members find and
refer that get baptized. And holy moly. Member referral baptisms are
like a bajillion times higher. If I could remember the numbers I'd
share. But I don't. Awkward. Anywho don't be afraid to refer people
because the chances of them getting baptized are super duper higher.
For real.

My companion got a new bike which is great and all . . . But I miss
her old bike. Her old bike and Ronda were the same size. Her new bike
is bigger which means it's longer. Which means she goes farther with
every pedal. Which means I have to pedal faster to keep up with her.
Which means I'm sore.

We had a sister meeting this week! It's where all the sister
missionaries go to a church in Anaheim and eat delicious food and
desserts (Subway sandwiches and a chocolate fountain . . . Need I say
more?) then we have a devotional kinda thing. So it was fun to meet
all the sisters we have her and talk with people. They were impressed
with my ability to sound like a horse. Sadly it gets less impressive
the more I do it. So I try to keep it to a minimum.

In other news I'm learning how to make pretty bubble sounds with my lips.
And I'm going to start me a hat collection.

For district lunch we ate at Souplantion. It was a good lunch. Buffet
style. Only bad thing was we had our dinner appointment two hours
later. I was so full it hurt. I almost considered getting an eating

You know your a missionary when you get a kick out of someone else's
description of a lesson in your teaching record.

This is my life.

Hardest day on the mission? Sundays. Why? Because people don't come to
church. Why else? Because church is all in Spanish and you realize
just how much you don't know. Why else? Lots of people try to talk to
you and you look like an idiot trying to figure out what they said and
how to respond. Man. Gets rough.  Whateva.

Hey I'm learning to like food! I'm starting to like tomatoes! Yay! And
spicy things like peppers! But not mushrooms. Still nasty.

My companion and I decided on Saturday we were going to celebrate the
worldly joys is Easter. We are going to go out to lunch and wear
pastels and dye Easter eggs to eat on Easter morning. Woot woot.
Pictures will come. Don't worry. Next week.

Anywhoo love you!!
Have a great week
Love Hermana May

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  1. We love you!!! Happy Easter! {It's my favorite holiday!}