Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New iPads

March 9, 2015

So transfers today. Yeah so Thursday night we got leadership calls.
I got called as a trainer. Again. It was the last thing I was
expecting.  I'm staying in garden grove. I think I'm going to
finish out my mission here, because after training I'll only have one
transfer left, so why would I be transferred my last transfer. That's
just silly. Anywhoo. That's the news here.

I'm not really sure what else happened this week. I feel like it's all
been blurry. Oh. Actually we got new iPads this week. We had some big
training on Tuesday and they told us how we should be using our iPads
and gave us some books and whatnot. So that was a good meeting. Then
later we actually got the new iPads. They're nice. 32 gig and all that
jazz. I didn't pay for mine since I'm going home in the next few
months so that was good. I don't get to keep it, but whateva.

Today sister Russell and I are hanging out since we don't have
companions. She is in my old area, so that should be fun.

Not too much else to say. Not too much has happened since we've had
four meetings this week. What can ya do?

Well I love yall. Have a good week!   Hermana May

So these pictures are of my old district and wars mission leader, one
of our cute members we re activated, my "mission dad" and our

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