Monday, November 24, 2014

A Week without Vargas

November 12, 2014

So this week was good. Sister Vargas left early on Tuesday morning.
And now it's just Sister Johnson and I. We are doing good though. We
rearranged some of our furniture so it's all good.

Not a ton has happened. We have both been trying so hard to be good
missionaries and be obedient but we just haven't been seeing success.
We cannot find new investigators for the life of us. We knock doors,
we visit part member families, we street contact, we ask everyone and
their dog for referrals. It just isn't happening. But lo and behold. A
miracle last night. Finally we found one new investigator. We found
her going through the former investigators in this area and we knocked
and she was home and we taught something short and she said we could
come back on Thursday. So we're praying hard something comes from it.

We started teaching Elvia's daughter, Gloria. It was all fun at first
but now Gloria won't talk to us. So that's too bad. Our ward was
really wanting her to be baptized. Oh well what can you do? Elvia
didn't get confirmed this week because she was in the hospital. But
she is better now so we are crossing our fingers for this Sunday. She
is so cute. We went over yesterday to read in the Book of Mormon with her
and a lady was at her house and was like "where's the coffee?" And
Elvia goes "I didn't buy any" and then she looks at us and laughs and
says quietly reassuring us, "I don't use coffee now." Haha it was pretty

We had zone conference yesterday with one of the men in the first
quorum of the seventy. He was very smart and had a lot of good
insights. We sat behind the ASL program the whole seven hours and so
it was pretty entertaining getting to watch them sign the whole time.

Our zone leader told us about his favorite snack: whole wheat tortilla
covered in peanut butter, toasted coconut on that and honey in that
all rolled up. I bought the stuff and tried it this morning.  It was
way good. Try it family.

I don't think I have anything funny or whitty to say this week so
don't be too let down because I'm obviously hilarious other wise (;

Okay I love you guys!
Have a wonderfully magical week.
 Love Hermana May

This is the only pic I took this week. It's of the snowfall globe our District Leader gave Sister Vargas as a good bye present. I wonder how she forgot it!

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