Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Okay so this week has been pretty good. It was. Sister budges last
week which was sad but good. Who we worked hard and stuff. Ya know,
like missionaries do.

However. Tuesday. We both were sick. Sick sick sick. I think it was
the flu. It was the worst. We just curled up on our floor and watched
the district and slept all day. Couldn't even eat and that's the
highlight of a missionaries day right there. But we are better. Except
for then sister budge got sick again yesterday (Sunday) so we only
were able to go to sacrament meeting. She came home and slept for a
while and I made a serious dent in the book of Mosiah.

Also I've found a new love for the teachings of king Benjamin. Holy
guacamole. Good stuff right there. I dare you to read it this week.
It'll make you feel inspired and whatnot. I promise. The scriptures
are just good. All of them. And it all really happened which is the
best part.

So today is transfers. Woot woot. I'm staying in Santa Ana 11, as
predicted. And my new companion is- drum roll please- Hermana Noel!
Woot woot. Don't know much about her still but I think we will get
along just swimmingly. She had a transfer and a half left so Ill
probably be killing her too (killing as in last companion before she
goes home. Like me and sister Budge) I think president is trying to
make to trunky already. Well guess what pres? It's not going to work.

Today we are also doing a surprise party thing for president and
sister Bowen. Since they're leaving in three weeks. It was our mission
secretary's idea. Not sure how well the mission president likes being
surprised by his whole mission ... But what can you do? I'll let you
know how it goes next week.

So this week while sister budge was at her departing dinner I hung out
with sister Nnah and Galicia. I helped sister Nnah take her hair our
of braids so she could get it redone the next day. Man that girl has
an Afro. I was maybe a little jealous and super impressed. While we
were doing it we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie and the
Testaments  . . . In English! Booyah.

I have been drawn. Sweet little Leevany drew both sister Budge and I
this week. I was honored. I'll show you the picture. I love that
little family. And Catherine's getting baptized on Sunday! And I'm
going to take the liberty to say that her dad isn't so far off either.
Woot woot! So excited

As far as new investigators go, still looking. But we did find a girl
named Genovi. We had to miss our appointment since we were sick... But
we did show up at her house later to reschedule. And she said she
actually read the restoration pamphlet we gave her. Whaaa?! Let me
tell you. That hardly ever happens. So it's a big deal when it does. I
hope she really did. Guess we will find out tomorrow :)

Anywhoo love you guys you're great. Stay healthy.

Love Hermana May
Me and my new companion 
We are holding glasses of water.  Notice our name tags?  I'm the one with black hair.

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