Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 3 in the CCM

(if you haven't figured it out by now, CCM is basically Spanish for MTC)

Okay so here is my week

Hold onto your seats. I wake up, and I study, I eat breakfast, I workout, I study, I eat lunch, I study, I eat dinner, I study, I got to bed.  Every. Day.  Except Sunday.  Then we just throw meetings in there.  Yeep.  It's pretty riveting. 

Lot's of people here are getting sick.  A girl in my room got sick this week and like three others in my casa.  Whatever.  I'm healthy as a healthy horse.  Don't freak out. 

Highlights of my week:  One day during study time I stared out the window just in time to see a bird plummet from the top of the Monson building, in an attempted suicide.  I don't know if he was successful.  

I totally found the ten commandments. Story time:  So my companion and I prayed in a grove of trees (for real) and then we went for a stroll and found the 10 commandments.  Real Stone.  Really carved in.  Maybe it's in Hebrew.  Couldn't tell.  Totally didn't die when I touched them so that's a bonus. 

How's my Spanish you wonder?  My it's still pretty pathetic, but my Mexican accent would rock your socks off.  Yeah, it's coming along.  Pretty good I'd guess for the amount of time I've been here.  

So our Sacrament room is right next to the wall to the outside world and the outside world just loves to have raves and blast their music 24-7 so we had some Sandstorm playing in the background to the sacrament prayer this week.  And some other techno music throughout the whole meeting. 

Guess what we did today?!? We went to the TEMPLE!!  Well, not inside since it's closed until I get home from my mission . . . but the visitors center was pretty sick.  In a good way.  Yeah.  I enjoyed that.  The temple here is HUGE-O  Geez Louise.  And it was fun to look at Mexico City on the way there and back.  I took lots of pictures from the window seat.   I might send you some.  Maybe. 

Yeah.  So that was my week.  Sorry it was a little lacking.  Just pretend something exciting happened.  

Well I love you all!!! You're the best!!  Have a really good week!  That would be great :)  Okay, love you!

Love Hermana May

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