Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ultima Semana en el CCM


Alrighty so here is my week THE LAST WEEK IN THE MTC!

Well nothing extraordinary happened but here is the low down anyways.  

So there is one kid in my district, Elder Rawlinson, who is an Indian. I just found out this week. Last one to find out.  I guess I should have known . . . I mean he has black hair and brown eyes and is tan.  I just thought he spent a lot of time in the sun.  Whateva.  But I think that's neat.  When I see him I greet him with ''How'' or ''Wingaupo'' or however they say it in Pocahontas.  Sometimes we even call him Cocoum.  And he got sunburned last week so it was a lot of fun to sing ''What makes the red man red''  and he doesn't even mind if I quote Peter Pan.  And he also inspired me to go to a Powwow when I get home.  Apparently you don't even have to be an Indian.  Bucket List.

So one of my teachers doesn't speak very much English but someone did teach him that White people were called ''Crackas''  He didn't know it was considered offensive.  Haha it was soooo funny.

So it only took me 5 weeks to find them, but I finally did!!  I found two Elders going to Anaheim with me!!! Yay!  Can't remember their names but I'm sure I'll have it down by the time I get to Cali. 

So one night this week me and my companion bought cookies at the Tienda. Then we set an alarm for 12:26 am and we woke up and we ate the cookies.  We are so cool.  Worth it.  Get on our level.

Speaking of my companion, I think she sometimes looks like Jennifer Anniston and sometimes like Jennifer Lawrence.  She should probably change her name to Jennifer when she comes back home.  Just saying. 

Guess who I ran into this week!!  Yeep!  That's right!  Hermana Hopkins!!  Yay.  It was strange to have someone call me Jackie instead of May haha.  I was pretty happy to see her.  I tried to stalk her on her first day but whenever I went to places where people said she was, she was gone.  I felt bamboozeled. 

Hey there's parrots here.  They are green and blue.  I think I like them.  Except when they poop on you.  But I'm not so sure I can solely blame that on the parrots.

So on Saturday night the Comedor (lunchroom place)  kindly tried to translate what we were eating in English for us and this is what the board said ''Dinner:  Meats cold wire & pastes.''  Just to be safe I stuck with a self made sandwich.

So guess who had to give a talk in Spanish about the Restoration in Sacrament meeting this week?  Me! And guess who had the nerve to show up?  President Pratt and his wife.  Yeep the MTC President.  They're kinda scary.  Luckily they didn't correct me on my talk.  Seriously.  What are the odds?

I know I'm in trouble when I get back to Utah because it was 63 degrees here the other night and I got so cold I had to run home and get a jacket to put over my long sleeved shirts.  Mexico Problems. 

It's a good thing I brought scissors with me to the CCM because tons of people keep asking for me to cut their hair.  Luckily I haven't screwed up yet.  Knock on wood.  

Well it's crazy that it's my last week at the CCM.  I swear I just got here!  It's already going by so quickly.  The CCM is great though and I'm going to miss it a ton but I'm super excited to actually be doing missionary stuff!  

Well I miss you guys!  The church is true!  I'll write on Monday!!

Love Hermana May

PS:  Birthday shout out to TYLER.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  LOVE YOU! 

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