Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Missions are Amazing

Okay so my week has been pretty much the same so sorry if this email isn't as long. 

It rained one day here super duper hard so that was sweet.  I liked it a lot.  Oh and then after it rained there was the most PERFECT rainbow EVER!  It was definitely Care Bear worthy.  So that was neat.  

Um . . . oh.  So how do you get Nutella stains out of white shirts?  That would be very helpful.  Oh and I had the yummiest Popsicle there ever has been or ever will be this week.  Brand: Santa Clara, Flavor:  Cajeta.  I'm willing to bet its what the angels in heaven snack on when they it gets a little warm in heaven. 

Other than that nothing really happened this week.  I'm loving it here! This past week has gone by soooo quick it was unreal.  Only 2 weeks left here the CCM . . . actually in 2 weeks from today I'll be in Anaheim.  I'm going to miss my district a lot.  They're all super cool.  You get pretty close to people when you spend 16 hours a day everyday with them. 

I feel like I've grown a lot.  It's definitely super hard to be here but it's also very worth it.  I feel like I've grown a lot closer to my Savior and I've learned a ton.  I'm so happy I'm a missionary and I feel so, so lucky to serve God.  Missions are amazing!  

I love you so much!!  Have a good week!

Love Hermana May 

 My pretty street

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