Thursday, January 15, 2015


January 13, 2015

So this week was perdy dern uneventful. Except for today! Because...
It's my birthday! Woot woot. Teenage days behind. Ima need a cane and
some hair dye to dye my grays in my next package.

And we went to the temple. It was wonderful! I love the temple. Go to
the temple. It's nice. It feels nice.  So go. All the people at the
temple are nice too. More reason to go. Any who that is what we did
this morning.

My zone leaders gave me an Oreo with a candle in the cream. They lit
it and sang to me but then my district leader blew out my candle
before I could. How rude.

And after the temple we went to Olive Garden! I'm still sooo full. I'm
not eating again until I turn 21. So yeah. It was good though. The
people at Olive Garden gave me a delicious free piece of cheesecake
and sang to me. And I got to blow out my own candle this time. It was

Yep so that's my birthday. I expect that tonight we will just teach
people....since that's what we planned and all.

Okay so something cool is this one inactive finally decided to go to
church and after he did he got a job! Go to church it gets ya
miracles. Good stuff. We also had a good lesson with some of our
investigators. They still didn't accept a baptismal date though.
Sheesh. I dunno what it's going to take for these guys.

Anyways I can't really remember what else has happened this week...
Maybe next week I'll bring my journal so I can remember what the heck
went on. We will see. Maybe not. That's a Lot of work to remember all
that, and on pdays before six, I kinda lose all inhibition. So don't
get you're hopes up.

But thanks again for all the birthday wishes! I love you Guys. You da
bomb digady. Have a wonderful week!

Love Hermana May
Happy Birthday Hermana May!!!

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