Monday, February 10, 2014

So Long, Farewell

Yay!  It’s finally here!!  One more full day and I’m outta here!
Four months is worth the wait, luckily.

So yesterday was my farewell!!  It went well from what I am told and I like the believe my family and friends are honest people, so I’m going to say it went well.  It was actually a cool experience, giving my talk.  I felt the spirit a lot, which was good since I prayed to Heavenly Father all that day and asked to just help me feel the spirit and to help me bring the spirit to those around me.  So really, it all went well because of Heavenly Father. 

So here are some pictures from the big day and some of the people who came to eat some delicious Café Rio food that my beautiful, sweet mother made after the meeting ended!!


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